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UK's Smallest Castle Up For Sale

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Looking to move to the UK? Well here is your chance. The smallest castle in Britain is available and listed at just £550,000.

The charming property includes Molly's Lodge and is Grade II listed. It was engineered by Edward Blore in 1834, an architect who also contributed to Buckingham Palace.

The property consists of 0.61 acres of manicured gardens with an orchard and small pond. The stone home features turrets, an iron-spiral staircase and embattled parapet.

Molly's Mews, a second small building on the property, features a garage, bathroom, bedroom, lounge and office. Both buildings are included in the sale.

At today's exchange rate this home costs about $921,000 Canadian dollars. That's less than an entry-level detached home in the Greater Toronto or Greater Vancouver areas.

More than half of all properties listed in London England are more expensive. Of course this castle is not in the middle of a large city, it is located in the tiny village of Little Wolford. It does however offer a lifestyle of its own for the right buyer.