Model Description:

Quad, stacked condominium


  • Lot graded to the requirements of the respective city
  • Top soiled and sodded at front, side, back and boulevards or to the tree saving line established by the city (except where erosion control measures are in place ie hydro seeding) and the slope is to remain in its current state and not maintained or otherwise disturbed
  • Front porch and stairs as per plan
  • Railings only when required by code
  • Rear Entry Towns, Front Entry Towns, and Semi Detached: Stone and Brick on front face as per plan only, main level, vinyl siding on remainder, and decorative window treatments as per plan. (colour to be chosen by Builder from Builder’s samples)
  • Quads: Stone and Brick on front face as per plan only, main level, vinyl or aluminum siding on remainder, and decorative window treatment as per plan (colour to be chosen by Builder from Builder’s samples)
  • Stacked Town Houses: Brick at first floor “James Hardy Board” siding to remainder as per plan (colour to be chosen by Builder from Builder’s samples)
  • 25 year Asphalt shingles (Stacked Towns to have 25 year “low slope” asphalt shingles)
  • Maintenance free aluminum soffits, fascia, and downspouts  (Downspouts will vary from model home and may change per grading requirements)
  • Complete exterior caulking as required
  • Rear Entry Towns, Front Entry Towns, Semi Detached: Two Outside water taps
  • Quads: One outside water tap
  • Stacked Town Homes: One water tap in mechanical room
  • Poured concrete foundation with superior Delta System water proof membrane
  • Double-glazed, vinyl clad windows (with screens if venting)
  • Deadbolts on all exterior doors (except garage man doors and sliding doors) and locks on all garage doors
  • Distinctive civic address plate
  • Insulated metal clad exterior man door
  • Paved driveway


  • Rear Entry Towns: Rear deck on second floor
  • Front Entry Towns and Semi Detached: Patio area as per plan and unit location
  • Quads Upper Unit: Deck, Lower Unit: patio area
  • Stacked Town Homes Upper Unit: Balconies, Lower Unit: recessed patio


  • (Garage features applicable to rear entry towns, front entry towns, and semi-detached units only)
  • Poured concrete floor
  • Drywalled, taped and fume proofed (entire interior)
  • Spray foam insulation R-31 in ceiling space beneath second storey in garage
  • White sectional steel roll-up garage door as per plan (with lock & Stockton doorlite)
  • Rough-in for garage door opener


  • Ceiling insulation to be minimum R50 except cathedral and exposed floors (excluding lower basement units in Quads and Stacked Town Homes)
  • Exterior walls to be insulated to code
  • Exterior basement walls to be insulated to code (Excluding Upper Untis in Quads and Stacked Town Homes)


  • High efficiency forced air gas furnace
  • Rinnal Hydronic gas fired air handler in Stacked Town Homes
  • High efficiency gas hot water heater (rented)
  • Tankless hot water heater (rented) in Stacked Town Homes
  • Floor Drain
  • Vapour barrier and insulation on exterior walls to Energy Star standards (not applicable in Stacked Town Homes)
  • Steel beam (where applicable)


  • Copper wiring to Ontario Hydro specifications
  • 100 amp service with circuit breakers
  • Exterior and bathroom receptacles to have ground fault interrupt
  • Heavy-duty electrical cable outlet for dryer and electric stove
  • Exterior weatherproof electrical receptacle
  • 3: Rear Entry Towns, Front Entry Towns, Semi-Detached, Bell in Stacked Town Models
  • 1: Quads, Laval & Noble in Stacked Town Models


  • Full four piece bath (shower, tub, toilet and sink) on bedroom level of all models, all fixtures white (or as per plan)
  • Quads & Stacked Town Homes: ¾ piece acrylic tub
  • Two piece bath on main floor (pedestal sink and toilet) on main floor, all fixtures white (as per plan)
  • Ceramic Tile up to ceiling in tub area (not applicable in Quads and Stacked Town Homes)
  • Quality vinyl flooring from Builder’s samples
  • Vanity with 180 degree formed counter top (from Builder’s samples)
  • Towel bar, paper roll dispenser, toilet seat, mirror and shower curtain rod installed
  • Exhaust fans installed in washrooms are on a separate switch and exhausted to outside
  • Single lever faucet in sinks and shower
  • Temperature control valve in main shower
  • Water supply and drain lines


  • Custom-made, cabinets from Builder’s samples with 180 degree formed counter tops
  • Double stainless steel sinks with single lever faucet
  • Water supply and drain lines
  • Range hood (white) vented outside
  • Rough-in dishwasher (includes connector to hot water and drain under kitchen sink – electrical but no breaker)


  • Quality vinyl flooring (from Builder’s samples)
  • Quads: Ceramic in the Utility/Laundry
  • Quality broadloom with high density underpad (from Builder’s samples)
  • 5/8” tongue and groove sub floor, screwed down
  • Quads: Floor assembly between units to STC 57
  • Stacked Town Homes: Structural precast with Gypsum topping between units (2 storey units have engineered floor system on second floor)


  • 800 series colonial doors and trim
  • Insulated, metal clad, exterior doors
  • Weather stripping on all exterior doors and windows
  • Colonial white painted casings and baseboards
  • All interior and exterior hardware to be brass
  • Basement stairs with closed riser and handrail (Not applicable in Front Entry Towns, Quads, and Stacked Town Homes)


  • All exterior sides of man doors and garage doors to be White
  • All interior walls decorated with latex paint, one colour throughout over primer coat
  • All trim and casings to be painted white


  • Hot and cold water taps for Purchaser’s washer
  • Single, plastic laundry tub, complete with taps
  • Waste connection for Purchaser’s washer
  • Electrical receptacles for Purchaser’s washer and dryer
  • Rough-in through exterior wall for dryer vent


  • The colour/style of the following items shall be chosen by the Purchaser where possible form the Builder’s samples
  • Broadloom, vinyl flooring, interior walls, kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities


  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors as required by Building Code
  • Builder shall provide samples for all selections as applicable
  • Walls and ceilings to be drywalled
  • All ceilings to have textured ceiling finish
  • All bedrooms to have ceiling lights with wall controls (Stacked Town Homes: Switched bedroom recepticles)
  • Builder shall be responsible for connections to the house, including gas, water, sewer and electrical
  • Mirrors provided in all bathrooms and powder room
  • 3 telephone and 2 cable rough-ins (location determined by Builder
  • Quads Lower Units: 2 Phone, 2 Cable rough-ins
  •  Stacked Town Homes: 2 Phone, 2 Cable rough-ins
  • Survey of the building to be provided to Purchaser for mortgage purposes on Closing
  • Seven (7) year Tarion New Home Warranty Program and one (s) year Supplier’s warranty provided, paid by the Purchaser
  • Hand Rail on stairs to second floor as per plan
  • Quads and Stacked Town Homes: 2 storey units as per plan
  • Four (4) White Standard Appliances (Fridge, Stove, Washer, Dryer)
  • Quads: Stackable Appliances
  • Stacked Town Homes Models Whitney, Noble, and Bell: Stackable Appliances
  • The Hot Water Tank, DWHR (if installed) is rented and not included in the Purchase Price (the Purchaser agrees to assume the rental contract)
  • Stacked Town Homes: Tankless hot water tank
  • list item 1
  • list item 2

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