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Canadian condo developers using smart tech

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 Canderel Digital Home at Yonge at College condos
Smart Home
Facial recognition, license plate recognition, geothermal, fibre optics. Condos today are better than ever.
Technologies such as facial recognition for access to condo amenities like gyms and libraries, license plate recognition systems, or even apps that allow you to control appliances and technology in your suite, are becoming must-haves and are increasingly in demand.

Our current and future technology needs means condominium infrastructure that can perform. Demand for streaming 4K television, online gaming and applications is already strong and bound to grow in the coming years.

Companies like Bell Canada have been installing fibre optic cables to Toronto condominiums. The goal is to have every condo unit connected with an independent strand of glass fibre that provides near limitless performance.

Condo communities like Menkes Waterfront Innovation Centre and Daniels' Waterfront City of the Arts received acclaim for their smart implementations, putting Toronto at the forefront of smart cities.

Canderel partnered with True Marque and Samsung to build the first fully digital condo in Canada. The Yonge at College condos are fully equipped with smart home technology.

In Singapore, Qingjian Realty's Visionaire, was one of the first to launch last year with smart-home technologies. The executive director, Mr. Li Jun, said that over 80 per cent of buyers opted for the smart homes.

Other technologies deployed include utilities management systems that monitor energy and water usage, to motion sensors that monitor seniors and their activity, security and more. Many of these apps also process digital payments for condo fees, which also serves to help monetize the apps themselves.

Condo developers now often have wiring packages as an option to provide benefits like in-wall speakers, networking and outlets.

While not necessarily marketed as a 'smart' technology, geothermal is also a tech that is increasingly in demand by buyers. New Horizon Development Group led by Jeff Paikin has built ten condo projects using geothermal heating and cooling. Geothermal heating technology uses pipes buried more than 200 metres into the ground under the foundation where the temperature remains at 20'C year round, to heat and cool the building.

Smart technologies serve as a competitive advantage for new build condos. As home buyers increasingly opt for smart technologies, the price of new build condos will continue to outpace the price appreciation of older units.