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3D printing a home in 24 hours

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3D Printed
The Bay Area startup known as Apis Cor has successfully 3D printed a residential home in less than 24 hours. The walls of the house were printed on site. Traditionally to date, 3D printing has remained in a factory where walls are printed, dried, delivered and then assembled.

The innovative technology consists of a mobile construction 3D printer and automatic mix and supply unit which combine to make the construction experience as much automated as possible.

Installation of fixtures, doors, windows, painting and interior furnishings are completed by hand after the walls are printed. Thanks to the high-quality surface, finishing such as painting can be completed immediately.

The concrete mixture that is used as the "ink" is possible at temperatures above 5'C. The equipment can operate in temperatures as low as -35'C. In future, new materials such as geopolymer concrete mean that homes can be printed in the summer and winter.

This home was printed in winter and as such required tents to insulate the air space. Total cost of the home itself was just over $10K.